Apr 4, 2011

Future photo cameras: Sony Spin N" Span

When selecting their gadgets, some people will go all-out to make sure that the product they purchase is “green.” Unfortunately, what this means a good deal of the time that they pay a hefty premium, and the wonderful gadget is actually more of a pain to use than the other power-hungry options. This new Spin N Snap camera from Sony definitely falls into the “pain to use” category.

The idea behind this photo camera is to manually charge it up before each use, thus eliminating the need to plug it in, or change out the batteries to get power. The end of thedigital camera is a green ring, you’ll need to spin that ring either by manually turning it with your finger, or by running it across the table. It takes roughly 15 seconds of spinning for the wheel to harness the energy required to snap a single photo. Personally, when I want to take a few pictures, I don’t feel like standing around rubbing my camera on the wall to get it charged up. Then you don’t even know how well your shot turned out, as there’s no LCD screen to preview your pics.

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